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Longmont Farm Wedding, Longmont Farm Wedding Photographer

As a Longmont wedding photographer, I'm no stranger to farm weddings. Farm weddings are my favorite for a variety of reasons: they are less stuffy and more organic to the flow of a wedding day and the spirit of weddings, I find couples and their guests enjoy themselves a lot more when they can move around and enjoy the beautiful scenery that farm weddings provide, and the photographs are always beautiful and fun! There are a plethora of amazing farm wedding venues here in Boulder County - Longmont & Lyons areas. My personal favorite The Lyons Farmette is always a magical and whimsical hit, along with Lone Hawk Farm and Pastures of Plenty which totally knocks my socks off with their amazing farm-to-table cuisine.  

But a backyard farm wedding at a working farm hosted by the Mr. & Mrs. themselves? Only in Longmont! High-school sweethearts, these two showed such adoration and commitment to each other on their big day. It's always refreshing to witness and capture such marriage focused weddings. Dedication and Commitment - isn't that what it's all about!?! am-i-right? 

I'm passionate about photographing farm weddings and weddings where couples are present and make their big day their OWN big day, instead of following trends or traditions that don't resonate with them. Enjoy this backyard farm wedding with its killer views of Longs Peak, a bride and who made her grand entrance riding in on a tractor with her father and a very adorable beverage burro.

Sunrise Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement | Estes Park, CO

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I've posted last Spring! Yesterday it was 70 degrees and today it's slaining (sleet+rain)

Spring in Colorado is always a mixed bag. This early Spring sunrise elopement at Lily Lake in Estes Park - Rocky Mountain National Park was chilly but running around and taking photos kept us warm. Can you believe Ashley and Jeff knew each other for seventeen years before tying the knot? A true love that has spanned time! Ashley and Jeff love to garden and here's to LOVE that GROWS and GROWS!

I love shooting small intimate weddings and elopements. If you or someone you know is thinking about eloping in 2019--- Drop me a line!


Succulent bouquet by  The Enchanted Florist of Estes Park. 

Slow Down

Look outside your window. Sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of you. Take part in the celebration of the seasons and breathe in the splendor each season presents. Yesterday I saw a vibrant rainbow in a parking lot. What have you stumbled upon lately?

I think I'll get this as a canvas wrap for my living room gallery

I think I'll get this as a canvas wrap for my living room gallery

Colorado Adventure Engagement Photographer | Colorado, USA

When Michael asked me if I was down for an adventure, of course my response was "heck yes." We only had to hike through knee deep snow, fall over a few times and get our shoes throughly soaked to make it happen ;) This sweet, young couple were visiting Fort Collins to check out CSU for Graduate school and just so happened to be recently engaged. Michael & Hayley were a blast, being totally goofy and totally in love-- which of course, made for some awesome shots! 

Hello from Heaven

My Uncle Luigi or "GiGi" as I called him passed away in October from pancreatic cancer. He was a Vietnam Vet who suffered from PTSD and various mental health struggles throughout his life. A bachelor preferring the company of his beloved German Shepherds instead. We love our pets. They are our greatest companions in this life. He had many precious companions throughout his life. All German Shepherds. So when I was called to take portraits of this sweet pup and his furry friend just days before he was put down for a degenerative disease, I set forth. The day itself was surreal. As I headed to Fort Collins flakes started to fall, and by the time I'd arrived, the landscape was quickly being transformed into a surreal, snowy heaven. That day, I knew GiGi was smiling down upon me. I'll never forget his laugh, when he laughed he laughed with his whole being, his big plastic framed glasses, or that he always smelled of garlic and wine (I'm Italian)


New Years Eve Wedding at Grant-Humphreys Mansion | Denver, CO

Grant-Humphreys Mansion is a classic, elegant venue for weddings. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to photograph the details before the bride, Mauri, arrived and lo and behold! Her dress was the same dress I'd chosen to wear on my wedding day just months earlier. It was a cool experience to have as a wedding photographer. So naturally, I've showcased our dress in my blog. What a great venue to ring in 2017! I'm looking forward to shooting here again in April.

Colorado Christmas Elopement Surprise! | Golden, CO

Janelle and Kyle live in Texas and chose Colorado for their small, Christmas season elopement. They chose Colorado because Kyle proposed to Janelle in Keystone, CO and they wanted to revisit one of their favorite places for their best day ever. On this trip, the soon-to-be newlyweds had the ultimate Christmas present for their parents. On Christmas morning in Denver, both Janelle and Kyle's parents unwrapped packages filled with adorned cookies announcing their bun in the oven! This family had a lot to celebrate and the energy was filled with love, hope and Christmas magic. They even brought their pups along to celebrate, too! What a gorgeous December day at Chief Hosa Lodge in Golden, Colorado.