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Colorado Adventure Engagement Photographer | Colorado, USA

When Michael asked me if I was down for an adventure, of course my response was "heck yes." We only had to hike through knee deep snow, fall over a few times and get our shoes throughly soaked to make it happen ;) This sweet, young couple were visiting Fort Collins to check out CSU for Graduate school and just so happened to be recently engaged. Michael & Hayley were a blast, being totally goofy and totally in love-- which of course, made for some awesome shots! 

Hello from Heaven

My Uncle Luigi or "GiGi" as I called him passed away in October from pancreatic cancer. He was a Vietnam Vet who suffered from PTSD and various mental health struggles throughout his life. A bachelor preferring the company of his beloved German Shepherds instead. We love our pets. They are our greatest companions in this life. He had many precious companions throughout his life. All German Shepherds. So when I was called to take portraits of this sweet pup and his furry friend just days before he was put down for a degenerative disease, I set forth. The day itself was surreal. As I headed to Fort Collins flakes started to fall, and by the time I'd arrived, the landscape was quickly being transformed into a surreal, snowy heaven. That day, I knew GiGi was smiling down upon me. I'll never forget his laugh, when he laughed he laughed with his whole being, his big plastic framed glasses, or that he always smelled of garlic and wine (I'm Italian)